Denver Postcard Club

Develop a plan for evaluating your inheritance and deciding on its future.

Give your collection a life after you're gone.

Understand value, markets, and the challenges of sales.

Give your postcards a home with museums or other institutions.

If you inherit an album, a shoebox or a roomful of cards, you will need a game plan to understand their value and perhaps locate a new owner for them.  Even collectors have to consider the life their postcards will have after their collecting days are over. Here are points to consider as you evaluate your postcards and decide on their future.

The Denver Postcard Club is a non-profit organization that accepts donations of postcards in any quantity or condition.  These are used to support club activities, such as the Children’s Hospital-Colorado project, or offered to club members at low cost for their individual collections.  Proceeds from the sale of donated postcards are used to support club operations.

If you are interested in finding out what your collection is worth before deciding whether to donate it to the club or another organization, contact us for a free appraisal from one of the club’s qualified postcard dealers.  To obtain an appraisal or donate postcards, please e-mail us using the button above.