Denver Postcard Club

Sunday, February 12, 2023   Doors open at 12:00 noon

We'll start with a short business meeting at 1:00 pm 


Maps on Stamps by Steve Nadler.

Who doesn't love maps? Most of us grew up with a globe, world atlas or a road atlas of the U.S. in our household. And although most of us now use GPS to navigate us when traveling, there is still something special about actually holding a paper map in your hand. With Steve's upcoming presentation, we will be looking at maps in a much smaller format.
There are over 43,000 different postage stamps that are considered "maps on stamps". The program will cover examples of geography, history, propaganda, international politics, promotion of tourism, advertising, conflict, antique maps, territory expansion and celebrations. Examples from Afghanistan, Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, the Canal Zone, China, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, England (Isle of Wight), Monaco, Palestine (the Interim Period), Sweden and the USA will be included.
Happy Collecting!



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Meeting dates:     2nd Sunday of the month (Jan-Jun and Sep-Nov)

Location:               Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library

                             2038 S. Pontiac Way, Denver, CO  80224

Doors Open:          12:00 noon  10,000+ club postcards available to buy

Meeting time:       1:00 pm   20 minutes of club business, followed

                                            by a 30-45 minute program or featured

                                            dealers and postcarding until 3:00 pm

Events:                 Summer picnic in August

                             Holiday gathering at a local restaurant in December